Referee Courses

Here’s a quick look at the content of each of the different referee courses we have available.

For more information about any of the courses listed below, please contact Auckland Football Federation Referee Development Officer Paul Smith.

Football NRFL Northern Region Football League 1st Division Papakura AFC v Ellerslie AFC McLennan Park Papakura. Saturday 24th May 2008. Referee Andrew Caie. Photo Credit: Shane Wenzlick

Club Based Referee Course
Cost: $95 (GST inclusive)

The Club Based Referee Course is the first step on the referee pathway and is designed to give a brief introduction to the Laws of the Game for those who are looking to assist their clubs and teams by refereeing matches if and when they are needed.

The course involves two theory sessions (approximately six hours in total) and a multi-choice test on the Laws of the Game. Participants need 70% to pass the test.

Successful participants will receive an official Auckland Football Federation Club Based Referee shirt and a certificate from New Zealand Football.

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Club Based Referee Refresher Course
Cost: FREE

The course involves one theory session (approximately three hours in total) and gives the candidates an update on changes to the Laws of the Game, since their accreditation plus an emphasis on the major aspects of refereeing – Fouls and misconduct, Offside, Players Equipment. The course is a participation course only.

Participants on completion of the course will have their CBR registration validated for a further three years. A new AFF CBR Registration Card will issued to each participant.

Level 1 Referee Course
Cost: $100 (GST inclusive)

The Level 1 Referee Course is the second step on the referee pathway and teaches participants the basic fouls, movements and Laws of the Game.

The course takes approximately 12 hours (usually over five nights) and involves classroom work including group discussions as well as practical sessions (whistle and signals). There is a pre-course preparation unit to be completed covering the basic Laws of the Game.

There is a test on the Laws of the Game and an incident analysis test, participants need to reach 70% to pass.

Level 1 referees may apply to join the Auckland Football Federation Referees and, upon acceptance of their membership application, they are appointed to AFF competition matches.

Level 2 Referee

Please note: there is no course for this stage of the pathway. Referees attain Level 2 status via a practical field test.

Level 3 Referee Course
Cost: $95 (GST inclusive)

The Level 3 Referee Course is the third step on the referee pathway designed for intermediate referees who have passed the Level 1 course and are an accredited Level 2 referee and who have completed 15 matches and/or one season of refereeing experience after Level 2 certification.

The course is designed as a series of modules. It covers topics such as the role of the referee, communication, fitness, positioning and movement plus risk management while focusing on Laws 11 and 12.

The course work revolves around group discussions, presentations and small sided simulations.

Candidates are evaluated with a 33-question oral test with a park mark of 29 correct answers.

Level 4 Referee

Please note: there is no course for this stage of the pathway. Referees attain Level 4 status via a practical field test.

Level 5 Referee

This is a New Zealand Football national course and nominations are made by Federations to New Zealand Football.

Nominees must have Level 4 accreditation and be at least 18 years of age.

The course is designed to be held over a weekend and aims to prepare candidates for refereeing in the top national domestic leagues (ASB Premiership, ASB National Women’s Youth League) and for international competition.

Assistant Referee Level 1
Cost: $95 (GST inclusive)

The course is approximately 5-6 hours and is designed to assist participants in understanding their role and duties as an assistant referee.

It covers – through group discussions, presentations and practical sessions – the movement patterns, signals and decision-making process, offside decisions, set play positioning and Law 6 duties.

All participants achieve Level 1. The course is suitable for referees in their first or second season of refereeing.

Assistant Referee Level 2
Cost: $95 (GST inclusive)

This is an one-day course is designed to develop and reinforce the attitudes, skills and knowledge gained from the Level 1 course to prepare assistant referees to operate at higher levels.

It covers – through group discussions, presentations and practical sessions – areas such as: zones of responsibility, self-analysis, fouls, offside and decision-making.

There is a short test on the Laws of the Game and all participants achieve certification.

Level 1 Assessors Course
Cost: $70 (GST inclusive)

The first step on the inspectors’ pathway focuses on the role and duties of the assessor: knowledge of the game today, concentration, accurate assessment and constructive advice. You will be providing guidance to referees beginning the next phase of their career.

The course takes approximately eight-nine hours (over one day) to complete and participants must achieve a 70% pass in the multiple choice test.

Participants are also required to complete and post a referee assessment within 72 hours of the course.

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