Federation Talent Centre Structure

Players from the age of 12 onwards players are eligible to be involved in the Federation Talent Centre.

Under the new format, players will now be observed and scouted in their natural training and playing environments over the course of the season, with consultation with club coaches and AFF staff.

The consultation process will be undertaken with Directors of Football and club equivalent to develop a player database in the initial stage. This database will allow us to initially build a talent base, with which to start our scouting process, make notes, and build depth on the proficiency of the players.
The 2016 AFF Talent Identification Programme still aligns with the New Zealand Football WOF, but we will redefine our objective parameters on assessing our talent progression over the year.

Moving away from the weekly on field coaching contacts, we will be using the School Holiday periods for selected players to be involved in a 3-day intensive training camp, encompassing on field training sessions, off field football education, and a final day games. We will be providing the talented level players with the access, information, and depth of knowledge required to excel in the game and be exposed to the complexities of football. Access to a multitude of resources is something that we will be utilizing during these camp periods including video and data analysis, nutritional feedback, injury prevention and an important component for the older age groups which is the College Pathway Information. The intensive training camps will be by invitation only, in addition we will also be providing the players with access to the best coaches in Auckland in which to enhance their training experiences.

For any more information please contact FTC Football Development Officer Carl Edwards at carl@aucklandfootball.org.nz or Football Development Manager Jason Batty at jason@aucklandfootball.org.nz