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The Lotto NRFL is one of New Zealand’s longest running football competitions and encompasses club teams from Auckland Football Federation, Northern Football Federation and WaiBOP Football Federation.

Brief history
In the years 1965–1969, before the launch of a National Soccer League, the Northern League was the highest level competition available to the clubs in the northern region. When the National Soccer League was created in 1970, the Northern League became one of its feeder leagues. In 1997 and 1998, when the National Soccer League operated as an invitation-only summer league, the Northern League again became the highest level club competition available to the clubs from the northern provinces.

Present day
With the demise of the club-based National Soccer League in 2004, the Northern League, now known as Lotto NRFL Men’s Premier, became part of the highest level of football league competition in New Zealand for the third time in its history. The league runs between the New Zealand autumn and winter months (April to September), while the ASB Premiership runs between the New Zealand spring and summer months (November to April).

rossLotto NRFL Men’s and Women’s competition
The Lotto NRFL Men’s competition comprises three divisions with the Premier representing the top tier followed by Divisions One and Two. The NRFL Women’s competition features its own Premier league division with many of New Zealand’s top female players competing at this level.

Lotto NRFL website
The Lotto NRFL competition has proved popular with players, coaches and supporters who engage with content produced at and via its accompanying social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter. Results, fixtures, previews and reviews can be discovered each week on the competition website here.

Lotto NRFL Social Media
The Lotto NRFL is covered on social media with the two key accounts listed below – photos, previews, reviews, results and updates are available on these channels throughout the season.

Twitter: @NRFL