AFF works with communities to develop football and Futsal opportunities to groups where traditions structures do not meet the needs of those wanting to participate.  We also endeavour to engage  other organisations where there are mutual benefits such as health and wellbeing.  Community groups and tertiary institutions  predominately feature in community engagement.  Events are run general outside of the traditional football season and aim to fill a gap in the market for the ability for people to consume our sport for short periods of time.

AFF looks to deliver opportunities in line with Auckland Sport and recreation strategic action plan and the strategic plans of New Zealand Football.  The uniqueness of Auckland means we have the opportunity to market our sport to a diverse population therefore we look to bring events to market that may transition players to clubs, keep people engaged in football or futsal through future events or supply the one off opportunities for those who wish to consume the sport in smaller doses.

Auckland Sport and Recreation – The vision for Recreation and Sport in Auckland

Aucklanders: More active, more often

  • Participation More Aucklanders living physically active lives through participation in informal physical activity, recreation and sport.
  • Infrastructure Access to open spaces, harbours, coastlines, waterways and a fit-for-purpose network of facilities that enable physical activity, recreation and sport at all levels.
  • Excellence in recreation and sport Pride is built in Auckland’s recreation and sport achievements and strong sporting culture, and talent and excellence are supported and celebrated.
  • Sector development A strong and capable sector that delivers quality recreation and sport experiences in a sustainable way, and contributes to Auckland’s economy.