Junior Pathway (4-12)


NZF Introduction to Junior Coaching

This first step for new coaches provides information on how to organise a safe & fun football session for players aged 4-12 years. It also provides over 30 easy to follow coaching activities that players will not only enjoy, but learn from too. It is a great starting point for beginner coaches looking for friendly advice on how and what to coach your junior players.

Content covered:

  • The role of a game leader / coach
  • Introduction to football games & activities
  • Meeting the needs of junior footballers

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: FREE

NZF Junior Level 1 Coaching Award

This course is perfect for people who are looking to improve their coaching and to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to work effectively with junior players aged 4-12 years. Looking at both the ‘How’ and ‘What’ of coaching junior footballers through an interactive and practical approach, as well as providing a comprehensive resource for coaches to take away and use with their players.

Content covered:

  • What is an effective coaching session?
  • The qualities of a football coach working with junior players
  • Meeting junior footballers needs

Duration: 4 hours

Pre-requisite: NZF Introduction to Junior Coaching

Cost: $87

NZF Junior Level 2 Coaching Award

This coaching award is made up of four bite sized modules helping coaches to develop knowledge and skills in specific subject areas. These modules are perfect for developing coaches who want to increase their effectiveness in key areas of coaching relating to junior players aged 7-12 years. Coaches are able to select particular modules to suit their needs or complete the NZF Junior Level 2 Coaching Award by attending all four modules.

Module topics:

  • Player Centred Coaching (4 hours)
  • Developing Technique & Skill (4 hours)
  • Football Fitness (2 hours)
  • Tactical Coaching (4 hours)

Duration: 14 hours

Pre-requisite: NZF Junior Level 1 Coaching Award

Cost: $92 per module


NZF Junior Level 3 Coaching Award

This course is for coaches looking to provide a comprehensive programme for junior footballers aged 7-12 years, allowing them to flourish both as young players and as young people. Focusing on skill acquisition, it will provide coaches with the knowledge, tools and ability to create a development programme that ensures that all players are involved in appropriate activities and the appropriate times.

Content covered:

  • Skill acquisition
  • Analysis of players in the game
  • The coaching process
  • Planning a development programme

Duration: 50 hours (5 days)

Cost:$1050 (Fee includes: Lunch, NZF Coach Education Apparel, Course Tuition, Resources and Assessment)

If you would like to register your interest in any of the courses on offer, or would like more information about coach education, please contact Auckland Football Federation Development Officer Nic Downes.

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