Health and Safety

Following on from the discussions and presentation at the 2016 start of season club meetings, Auckland Football Federation (AFF) have entered into an agreement with All About People, who are the specialist Health and Safety organisation who presented at the Auckland club meeting.

They will provide expertise in this area to both AFF and our affiliated clubs, as well as looking to customise systems, policies and procedures for our football community.

These will however need to adapted by each club to fit with their own environment. In addition to this All About People will run a number of two hour workshops specifically designed for AFF clubs which you all will be able to access and send people along to.

These workshops will focus on:

  • Developing a Health and Safety culture at the Clubs
  • How to Use Safety Management System

As part of this agreement, AFF affiliated clubs will also be able to access the 24/7 email and phone support to help with hazard and risk identification.
AFF will be covering the cost for this service.