To be specific about “what exactly Auckland Football Federation does”, we have published this list of our ‘big picture’ responsibilities. These we will achieve through our plans, our people and working and listening to your our members and stakeholders. The most important responsibilities we face are:

  • Develop a vision and strategic business plan which complements and incorporates the goals of NZ Football whilst recognising the unique needs, personality and geographical area of Northern Football Federation.
  • Ensure the Federation is on a sound footing so it can carry on long after the individuals who built it.
  • Take the hard decisions early so the path becomes easier for those that follow.
  • Develop Northern Football Federation Talent Centres to bring together promising players, coaches and referees to continue to grow skills and knowledge in our Federation, and provide them with opportunities beyond our boundaries.
  • Manage our finances to ensure we can continue to spend on new opportunities and that those in the future will have a platform from which to grow.
  • Set ambitious goals for our Northern Football Federation members, clubs, National Competition and Representative Teams, and work with them to realise these goals.
  • Ensure open dialogue with NZ Football and the other six Federations, to help influence and improve the game outside our geographical boundaries.
  • Encourage greater involvement, enjoyment, participation and competition in football (versus other codes and recreations) across all ages, genders and abilities.
  • Present football and our various programmes in a modern, appealing and user friendly manner.
  • Share our vision and offerings in an open and transparent manner with our members, and be efficient / modern and effective in all of our communications.
  • Provide a professional suite of specialist football services and make these available to our members to allow them to develop their own individual football offerings.

    Auckland Football Federation Offices

    Physical Address:

    Mt Smart Stadium
    51 O’Rorke Road
    Auckland 1061

    Postal Address:
    PO Box 12503
    Auckland 1624

    09 579 0705
    Fax: 09 525 1361

    Auckland Football Federation History
    For information about the formation and history of Auckland Football Federation click here